Cost Effective Design Features
To Help Improve Your Profits

The End Drive System
The End Drive System is one of Thunderbird's most appreciated features. It saves you time by connecting at the mainline where you start, stop and reconnect the water source.

Multiple Transmission Units-
(A Thunderbird Exclusive)
Multiple Transmissions, reduce torque in pipe, and are a major reason for Thunderbird's improved straight-line movement. Multiple movers help to insure stability in high winds because they are secured by a self-locking assembly.

The Modular Advantage
Modular Design Featuring Positive Pin Locking makes adding/deleting pipe sections fast and easy. The Hub Locking system allows the pipe to flex within the wheel hub greatly reducing mechanical strain and early component failure.

Self Leveling Sprinkler
The Self Leveling Sprinkler is a unique device that automatically returns the sprinkler head to a vertical position when the wheeline is reset.

Water Systems -
Delivery You Can Count On!
The water delivery system begins with special torque resistant aluminum alloy pipes whose composition helps make them highly resistant to corrosion. With uniform water coverage, the entire field is irrigated without missing corners.
Drains located beneath the sprinkler mounts opens automatically when water pressure is cut off, allowing the escape of particle-laden water that might otherwise cause build-up of deposits. Components parts of the drain do not protrude into the water pipe to help ensure unrestricted water flow.